Essay about Teachers Needs An Understanding Of Child Development

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In order to have effective instruction, teachers need an understanding of child development. Children experience changes socially, emotionally, and behaviorally throughout their years in school. Teachers can implement research-based strategies to help promote a positive and accepting environment where these changes can take place. In the case study “Another Typical Day,” Mrs. Arling must meet the social and emotional demands and needs of her students, while ensuring that they are making necessary progress in their academic development. Studies show that when teachers design activities that incorporate collaborative learning with teacher assistance and lessons that present mathematical concepts in both visual and tangible ways, students are better able to engage in the learning process. Furthermore, more time is spent with better instruction in the classroom when teachers center their classroom management plan on individualized attention during conflict and disruptive behavior. Mrs. Arling encounters many situations with her kindergarten students that could be used as teachable opportunities if she implemented research-based interventions and strategies.
To encourage positive social interactions and balanced emotional development, researchers have studied what interventions are most effective in establishing a safe and positive learning environment. The Foundation of Learning organization (FOL) released a study of specific strategies implemented in a pre-kindergarten…

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