Essay Teachers Must Help Motivate Their Student

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Teachers need to motivate their student to want to exceed in their classes but also want to be in there class. For the most part a child is as good as their teacher. If a teacher motivates its students the students would want to always over achieve in any subject. They will try as hard as they can to get good grades for their teacher. Carol Dweck a social and developmental psychology who has done a research in which we need to teach our students they need to work hard to achieve success we need to tell our children they need to work hard to overcome any obstacle. Then why not expect the same thing from our teacher. Dweck’s point is that “No one succeeds in a big way without enormous amounts of dedication and effort” (n.pag). Nobody in life has had great deal of success by just sitting around to see what passes by. They have worked really hard to achieve their success. If we expect our children in the education system to succeed we need our teacher’s to be able to give them the dedication and effort they will need to achieve it. Our teachers are the front line in the education of our children as a parent I would want my child teacher to motivate my child and expect the unexpected from them. They need to have high standards for my child so they can go above and beyond that. All children learn differently but sometimes not even the brightest children can’t learn because they are exhausted. Many children eat breakfast at school and if school starts at 8:15 they can only start…

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