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In the fifth grade, before I culminated, my fifth grade teacher asked our class ,with a kind heart, the only question that can give educators a sense of achievement;"What do you want to be when you grow up?" Of course, the typical answers bounced back and forth:"a lawyer", "a doctor", "an athlete". I thought to myself, "These are all boring careers and won 't allow me to become rich and anyone in life". So when it came to me, I replied "a drug dealer". Jaws dropped but I was more perplexed than they were. Now of course, my teacher scolded me verbally and later met up with me to assure that I change my goal. But there 's nothing wrong with selling drugs. I gain profit and people gain joy. I 'd be the best dealer, assuring my clients that their products are …show more content…
Every time I performed a science experiment, I did it with the hands of Nikola Tesla. Now, the purpose of the class wasn 't to move on, it was to master the material in order to contribute to that field in the future. I preached this effective system at school so that others could benefit as well. In my art history class, I was able to inspire a fellow student who thought that the concept of art in general was a futile activity. I took what I knew about him and was able to reroute his thinking. This boy was enamored with history. European expansion, the triangular trade, World War I, you name it and he would recite facts about it, like a walking Wikipedia. Then I told him, all those books that you read aren 't able to capture one important factor; human feelings. Art takes every emotion felt in history and writes its own story. After telling him this, the student now viewed art through the eyes of people like Vincent Van Gogh; just like I do. After this event, I became inspired to contribute to the community greater things that just food or clothing. The people in my neighborhood are the epitome of American poverty. I 've had friends who were skinny not by choice but because the only

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