Art Museum Essay

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The San Jose Museum of Art mission states that it“reflects the diversity of cultures and innovative spirit of the silicone valley through exhibatition programs scholarships and collection”. I checked the validity of this statement by meandering through recent exhibits list on the art museums website. I came across multiple exhibits that showcased the diversity in the Silicone valley. Thre Photography and Inherited History of India, which showcased from beginning of Febuary to the beginning of Aguast of this year, which is the reinterpretation of what is important in Indian history which is not define by colonism by to indian photographer. Robert Henry’s California Portraits: Realism, Race and Region, 1914-25 embodied the reflection of California diversity as the mission statement …show more content…
Extensice research lead me to find that this is yet another true declaration. The museum features a rich variety of exhibits that show how history is related to the present time we dwell in such as Past-Portraits, the aformentioned Robert Henry’s California Portrait and Genus of Everday things____. Past Exhibits such as the Timelaspe: Doug Hall and Western Landscapes and America Surreal verify that the San Jose Museum of Art has a multitude of displays that showcases art that either originates or is about the West. The very fact that the museum is a sucessfull businness that presents art to the city of San Jose and surrounding areas proves that the museum withholds it’s self-assigned promise to foster “awareness of artist broad contributions to society and engages audiences with the art of our time and vitality of the creative process.” Exhibits such as City Limits, City Life, a series of painting that dutifully explore into the unspoken side-effects of urbanization and What your Angle? Show how art can be used to spread a message thus maginifying artist’s societal

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