Teacher Reflection Paper

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When I enrolled in this course, I knew I wanted to be a teacher. It was not until I had begun implementing the concepts with the students in my field placement when my student asked me "Miss Meghann, why are you so nice to everyone?" then I knew I need to be a teacher. If I have a student who has to ask me why I am nice to all students in the school, it makes me wonder what these children are hearing and seeing from their teachers. My experiences with my teachers have greatly influenced my philosophy on education while most of my experiences were positive, I believe my negative experiences affected me on a deeper level. Throughout this class, I thought back to many of my previous experiences that I have related to the theories discussed in …show more content…
The student-teacher relationship is extremely important to all students, as we saw in Oprah 's piece on Breaking Down Barriers. During the crossing the line activity, the students were told to cross the line if they have felt personally victimized by a student or teacher in the classroom. The teacher-student relationship in the school was damaged by teachers who were guilty of humiliating, and bullying their students. This causes a distrust between student and teacher and creates negative behavior. Children need a positive relationship with their teachers to develop their self-esteem, confidence, and to feel like they are in a safe place (Fields, 82 ). When I was in the eleventh grade, my teacher damaged our relationship. She began to do everything she could to ensure I would not score above a seventy-five on my assignments in her English class. At first, she was very picky about my grammar. I began to have my papers edited by my dad, who would send my paper to his English teacher friends to receive a second opinion. When my grades weren 't improving, my dad scheduled a parent-teacher conference to figure out where the problem lied. She refused to tell us what was wrong, and repeated many times that she had a master 's degree and English is subjective. It wasn 't until then we found out she didn 't have as much of a problem with my work, as she did with me. Because she let prejudges toward me effect how she graded my assignments, and she did not communicate the problems she had with me, we were unable to mend our relationship. We see the opposite in Oprah 's Breaking Down Barriers. The school guidance counselor recognized she may have treated the students poorly, after she saw how many of them crossed the line after being asked how many felt they have been victimized by a teacher. She attempted to mend the student-teacher bond that had been shattered by apologizing on behalf of

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