Taxol’s Effect on Rates of Tip Growth and Nuclei Position in Neurospora Crassa

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The purpose of the study was to detect the rates of hyphal tip growth and nuclei position of N. crassa in influence of drug medium, Taxol. The results of the experiments show that the rate of hyphal tip growth and nuclei position are much lower in drug medium than in the control. Taxol have different effect on growth of tip and distance travelled by nuclei. Moreover, the rate at which the nuclei displace and growth of the tips are dependent on the medium and not on each other. Thus, the results conclude that drug effected fungus affects the tip growth rate and nuclei displacement. INTRODUCTION The purpose of the experiment is to study the hyphal tip growth, and to observe the effects of a drug on the tip growth and the
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Preparing the agar gel
Bench was clean with 70% of ethanol to sterilize it. Forceps and hand gloves are also sterile it with ethanol. A Petri dish was prepared with 4 sterilized slides inside, and it was covered with a lid. 2-3 pieces of sterile filter paper were placed in Petri dish alongside the slides. Then using plastic pipette, 4-5 drops of distilled water was added on each of filter papers. Moreover, agar cushions were prepared using incubated hot agar, placed on petri dish in circular motion using sterilized Pasteur pipettes. 2 agar gels were made on each slide at 1 cm apart, making it 8 agars in total. This then cool for 5 min on the bench.
After agar gel was prepared, fungal spores were added on top of each slide. The fungus used was, Neurospora crassa which was preserved in test tubes. The spores were removed fungal filled test tube and placed on agar cushions using sterile probe (only tiny amount, just a touch). Then, the petri dish and lid were wrapped completely with tape. The dishes were then refrigerated and 24 hours before the investigation period, were left out in room temperature to incubate.
Investigation of tip growth in growth medium

1. Petri dish with agar cushions was obtained to observe the growth of the hyphal tips. 3 best slides with agar cushions flat and no air bubble slides were used. This made it easier to view under the microscope. It was then labeled as the

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