Tata Steel Case Study

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Staffing in TATA STEEL
Requirement of staff in TATA group consist of range of disciplines. Right from pure sciences to applied engineering to management skills. TATA STEEL implement its own strategies for recruitment according to their vision and goals of organisation as a whole
Division movement is part of leadership movement in TATA STEEL. Managers are exposed to different business scenarios, different functions and industry division enabling to broaden their horizon and knowledge.
To recharge manager’s battery they are often moved to new areas of work. Job mobility along with employees developing their own target and personal development is encouraged.
Tata steel also recognises continuous need for enhancing the skills and capabilities of
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Recognising that people are what its company and group is company is committed to providing equal opportunities to employees and attracting and retaining best available talent and cosmopolitan network.
Openness, mutual trust and teamwork is what group continuously strive for.

Management of manpower will always be cornerstone of HR policy of Tata Steel
Present system has been designed keeping in mind any organisation in the service industry where primary resource is manpower. It’s customizable and implemented according to service requirement. The top management uses this system to implement and manage human resource and eventual implementation to achieve business and goals.
Tata Steel group recognises automation as strategic choice in gearing for the future in the fastest possible way.
Globally Tata Steel production is controlled and monitored through highlu automated and controlled system.
One window concept – simple and easy processing of ESS application
Evaluate/ reposition any scheme based on feedback from members and personnel executives
Company also ensures timely payment and settlement of dues and monthly
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Well defined Six steps process involving TQM and statistical tools. Some of the key themes through which improvements are taken up are- Throughput, Value-in-use, Energy Efficiency, Opportunistic Plays, Logistics and supply chain.
To understand need of the segment Emerging Corporate Value Management (ECVM) was launched. As a result group was able to identify 4500 customers falling into 37 application based segments and appointed 47 distributors to serve them.
TATA ASTRUM brand for hot rolled and coiled steel is being supplied in processed form and conform to TATA STEEL standards. It is expected to grow in future.
Tinplate and Tata sponge
In continuation of growth efforts, TATA STEEL made successful open offers to increase its stake in Tinplate Company of India Ltd (TCIL) by 14% and TSIL by 11.26% respectively. TSIL has become subsidiary of the

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