Tanjong Jara Resort Case Study

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Core competencies are a skill or advancement that creates certain customer value. For instances, core competency of Tanjong Jara Resort is the environment and the design of the hotel itself. The accommodation design was inspired by the majestic 17th century Malay places. Tanjong Jara Resort offers an experienced of the region’s spirit and its rich natural heritage. With the concept of Sucimurni which means purity of spirit, well-being and health, this concept encourages true rejuvenation of both body and spirit. This thus is the one of the most preferable hotel in Terengganu as the guests especially from the overseas could experience the culture of Malay. As the hotel begin to grows, an adjust and development need to suite with the new environment, so as its core competencies also change and adjust. The hotel can fully utilize its natural resources and relate them to new opportunities to attract more tourists.

Tanjong Jara Resort were focused on their specialty in giving a best service and experience to their guests and continually worked to build and reinforce them, their products were more advanced than those of their competitors around Dungun, Terengganu. Tanjong Jara Resort also is
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These elements are intangible which we can’t see or touch it with our sense. It could be that a hotel has unique sources and valuable resources, but its not be utilize those resources effectively and productively, then the hotel cannot create core competency. Tanjong Jara Resort needs to enhance more on their special service offering than none other hotels. The organizational strategies may develop new resources and capabilities or it might make stronger the existing resources and capabilities, thus constructing the core competencies of the

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