Talent Retrention : Six Technology Enabled Best Practices By Oracle

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Employee Retention
The main reason in reviewing this article, Talent retrention: Six technology-enabled best practices by Oracle (2012) is to explore employee retention by defining and exemplifying the relationship between employees and their bosses. According to Oracle (2012), many organizations suffer massive losses from low employee turnover. In situations that there are competitive employees, the organization has to advertise the vacant positions, train or coach new employees, and, at certain times, increase salary for the new staff members. All these activities involve costs and, cumulatively, they are retrogressive to an organization’s finances. In such light, employee retention strategies are crucial to an organization as it presents many benefits to the employee and the organization.
Employees of an organization are motivated when there is high employee retention. Resultantly, the same employees continue to enjoy a thriving culture of excellent performance and team playing. Therefore, this paper seeks to review and evaluate Oracle’s article on the best ways of ensuring high retention levels in a company, the applications in real life, and how the retention practices compare and contrast in different companies.
Premises of Employee Retention According to Oracle (2012), justification premises are attributed to its prowess in the technology industry through crucial policies of ensuring high employee retention levels. The company shares significant…

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