Taking Ownership Of Your Learning Essay example

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The phrase "taking ownership of your learning" means that I will take responsibility and act on my own to ensure that I succeed in learning all that I can. This statement implies that students will personally ensure their success of gaining knowledge. This means that students will not rely on others or anything else to ensure their success in learning. I take ownership of my learning processes by first creating short-term educational goals that eventually goes into long-term educational goals. My first short-term goal that I created once I was accepted at UoPeople was making sure that I succeed and do the best that I can in my first term here. In addition, to this goal is understanding the learning process here at UoPeople in order to reap the full benefits that the university has to offer me and creating the best process to accomplish the tasks which were assigned to me. Also, my business 101 professor gave me an excellent idea that would allow me to monitor my progress. Every week in our learning journal my professor would have us write a diary which would describe our leaning process, assignments which we accomplished, any struggles we experienced, and anything new that we learned. I found this to be quite helpful and decided to physically write a diary based off of my experiences in my current classes here at UoPeople. Through this method I have seen great improvement in my studying and vocabulary skills specifically.
I have always been a self-motivated person who…

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