Essay about Taking a Stand

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Taking a Stand Barbara De Groot, RN Walden University
NURS 6053, Inter-professional Organizational

And Systems Leadership

Barbara De Groot, RN

November 14, 2014

Introduction Patient advocacy extends back to Florence Nightingale and remains relevant today. While Nightingale did not explicitly address advocacy in nursing, she did demonstrate advocacy in many ways (Selanders and Crane, 2012). Today advocacy extends beyond the individual patient to local and global populations, and nationally and globally to the nursing profession itself. The purpose of this paper is to describe this author’s role as a moral agent or advocate for a specific issue in this author’s work, and explain one or more negative outcomes that may
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Potential Negative Outcomes Had the decision to forego surgery not been made this woman would have been subjected to an invasive surgery, blood loss that may have required transfusion, pain requiring narcotic analgesia, and a prolonged recovery time. During the hospitalization, she would have been vulnerable to infection, of the surgical site and possibly pneumonia, which would have required intravenous antibiotics. Many patients suffer falls following joint replacement surgery due to incomplete nerve blocks, narcotic analgesia that is compounded by altered level of consciousness, and simply because the patient thinks s/he can get up without assistance. In this particular situation, given the patient’s declining mental status before surgery, her risk of fall was higher due to the effects of lingering general anesthetic and narcotic analgesia. The patient’s risk of infection was also increased due to her immobility and decreased ability to follow instructions such as frequent deep breathing to prevent atelectasis or pneumonia.
Skills, Dispositions, or Strategies Necessary to Fulfill Advocacy Role Being an effective patient advocate requires many skills such as the desire to help; empathy; communication, time management, organizational, interpersonal, and problem-solving skills. Also

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