High Stakes Testing System Analysis

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The one size fits all ideology is not one that genuinely works. When a consumer goes to a department store they look for the size that fits them and makes them comfortable. there is not only one size that fill the racks. This is done because all people are made in different shapes and sizes. In the same light not all students learn the same, especially students with learning disabilities. There are two policies that have been applied to the educational system, which are high stakes testing and the common core. The first policy that will be discussed will be Common Core. Common Core is a one size fit all system to prepare students for college and career readiness. This was implemented for the reason that students who graduated at one time …show more content…
These tests make it easy for teachers , because teachers know what they need to teach for the students to pass . These test are simple pass or fail test that can be blindly given to students based on what they were supposed to learn if the teacher was able to stay to their script. These tests are criticized for the reason that they do measure an individuals actual knowledge of the subject , but only if they know that specific answer for that question. These tests are usually longer test and cause stress upon students. This could also cause teachers to skip over certain material that may not be on the test , which could hinder the student in the future. When students fail these tests they are required to have remediation . This a problem with special education for the reason that students are already getting remediation and they are at all even bigger disadvantage for the reason they are not being taught the skills need to pass these type of test. (Wright & Wright) So , they pay the price of not being to advance to the next grade for the reason that they can not pass a test that they are not prepared to take . Students should have an option that could show what they have learned for the reason that not all students are great test takers . The other reason is that life is not about how one can take a test , but how they can present their knowledege this could make things equal for general education and speacial education

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