TTI Case Study

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The TTI is Tasmanian owned business operating since 2013. It has been providing excellent services in a variety of areas, including accredited and non-accredited trainings. All of it services are focusing on not only individual people, but also business institutions in Tasmania. Since last year, however, the company began suffering from a loss due to a various issues, how to address those problems, in order to operate the business smoothly, has been an urgent concern for the TTI. In this report, we would like to identify some potential problems associated with the operation of the TTI, then analyzing and discussing those harmful issues in depth, we will subsequently recommond some viable solutions to deal with those confronting issues, and …show more content…
Resources play a fundamental role in running a business, especially when it comes to service provider, lacking the basic resources, such as, human resources, materials or even the time to provide services to customers, is more likely to trigger adverse effects on the development of the company. According to the information provided by Dr. Margaret, we know that the TTI are currently experiencing the lack of the following reliable resources while conducting business.

Firstly, the lack of time to hold courses is an issue. It is true that Dr. Margaret is the best trainer who is more qualified than anyone else to deliver both the courses of TAE40110 and TAE50111. However, Dr. Margaret is currently working for the University of Tasmania, and only available to hold training course at weekends, while it may not suit most trainees who could prefer to learn during weekdays than weekends as they tend to spend some quality times with their family members in their leisure time. Even if they were willing to come for training at weekends, we should also not consider it a good idea. After five days full-time working we believe that nobody should be under pressure, no matter how exciting the job may
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As a non-financial governmental support organization, even though the TTI has far better teaching experience in comparison with those tendered companies. However, in 2015, only 8 students took these courses with the TTI partly due to the smaller size of students who need to pay to study. If the TTI gains the licence of the tender system, which means that the company would have the opportunity to cover the whole training scale. In this way, the TTI is more likely to attract more students, therefore increasing the profit of the

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