TAQA Unit 301 Questions 1 to 15 Essay

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Jody Hirst - ESS Safeforce Course work 2014

TAQA – Question 1

Define the key concepts and principles of assessment

When making an assessment we need to pull on a number of skills to ensuring that the correct level of learning has been conducted by the trainer and that the learner has under stood the information given. The assessor has to be confident that the learner is also able to recall the information therefore giving them the skill set to conduct the role they are undertaking. The trained person should then leave the course with the new understanding and have thoughts on how they can apply the skills and improve in some cases the tasks that they will now undertake with their new knowledge.

One key principle is known as VACSR –
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To ensure the assessor does this in a way which can be repeated over a period of time a cycle is followed to ensure this continuity.

Firstly an Initial Assessment is carried out, this provides a back ground to the assessor of the learning capabilities of the learner, examples of this could simple be have they done the topic before and is it a refresher or do they have requirements that you need to address such as learning requirements maybe they need the questions if the exercise is a written exam reading out to them, or they struggle with the English language.

Following this comes the assessment planning, decisions have to be made if the tasks that the learner is being taught would benefit from a number of different ways of assessment , this could come in the form of a written test and a practical however on the written test a question format must be decided upon an example for this would be looking at multiple choice options although this format is normal preferred by the learner the assessor cannot be fully confident that the leaner has fully understood or has been lucky in their answer selection. Time frames also have to decide upon so the learner is aware and can manage their time so that they cover all questions or show all practical elements required.

A range of assessment methods should be planned to allow the learners to

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