Symptoms And Treatment Of Pain Essay

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Pain is an unpleasant sensation normally associated with injury or illness. According to the International Association for the Study of Pain (IASP), pain is an uneasy sensory and emotional experience caused by actual or potential tissue damage. Experiencing pain indicates that the body or the particular region may be damaged or not functioning properly. It leads people to seek medical attention and also helps on diagnosis (Ersek & Irving 2009). According to the Carr & Goudas (1999, cited in Dunwoody et al. 2008, p. 11), post-operative pain is the major healthcare issue. Pain can be controlled by pharmacological and non- pharmacological treatment method or often used together. This essay is focus on the case study of Josie Elliot who had an open reduction and internal fixation of right radius and scaphoid bones and is Type 1 diabetic. It also elaborates on the postoperative pain management process of Josie guided by Tanners model of clinical judgement.

It is common to experience pain by the patient after the surgery. Post-operative pain is the form of acute pain which is obvious but unwanted experience after the surgery. Effective postoperative pain management is a crucial element of good quality of care. The nurse should be able to provide adequate treatment for pain relief, failing to do so is considered unethical (Gunningberg & Idvall 2007). Post-operative pain control aims to reduce patient discomfort, assist with easy recovery and early mobilisation and prevent acute…

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