Symptoms And Treatment Of Diabetes Essay

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anything after that. I didn’t even remember receiving the drug, the only reason I knew was because my mom had told me afterwards. That was the last procedure while I was in St. Vincent. For the first three days I wasn’t allowed to drink or eat anything. I had my medicine through my IV and I was hungry all the time. After those three days were over, I could then drink only clear liquids for three more days. After a full week in the hospital, I was put on a restricted diet, which continued for almost six months until I started taking remicade, which combatted the Crohn’s disease and the drug I still take intravenously to this day every seven weeks. A week and a half later from entering St. Vincent, I was released and allowed to return to school, which by this time I had two weeks worth of homework waiting for me, only allowed to carry up to seven pounds for fear of breaking open the stitches from my gallbladder surgery. My experience while in the hospital taught me that bad things will occur in life. In order to be successful, I must continue on when no one else would. When stuff is thrown my direction, I must push it aside and carve my own path through dark and unknown to achieve my desires. Without perseverance my dreams could not be achieved because no one is going to do it for me. During Freshman year I played achieved a letter for varsity football and swimming. Unlike the year before when I participated in football and track and field. Football was brutal my freshmen…

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