Essay about Symptoms And Symptoms Of Pain

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Every day around the world, people live without one of the five senses that others often take for granted. These five senses would include: the sense of touch, hearing, taste, eyesight, and smell. Occasionally, people lose certain senses as they begin to grow older, or have possibly endured a traumatic experience at some period within their life. Many elderly people live without the sense of sight or hearing. Those who have experienced severe burns or frostbite, or nerve damage, can possibly lose their sense of touch. Other traumatic experiences, deformation as a child, or major sinus infection problems can cause one to be without their sense of smell. One who has their tongue cut or severely burned may also lose their sense of taste. Many would be left very distraught if they were to lose one of these very valuable aspects in their life. However, it is very common for humans to have the misconception that bad things will not happen to them. Unfortunately, any one person could come across the hardship of losing one of their five senses. While most are left without choice, if I was to choose which of these valuable senses I would have to lose, I would pick taste and cope with it through my Celiac Disease, sense of smell, and overall health.
Due to my fixed diet, adjusting to the loss of taste would become much easier. For the past two years I have possessed an autoimmune disease, Celiac Disease, in which is not medically curable nor treatable. The only treatment in which I…

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