Symptoms And Symptoms Of Depression Essay

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When people talk about depression, they usually mean a person who is feeling down and lethargic, and who has generally lost interest in life. Most people don 't realize that there are many different types of depression a person can be suffering from, with each type often showing different symptoms.

While this isn 't an exhaustive list, here is a quick overview of the most common forms of depression.

Mild/Minor Depression is the least severe form of depression. Usually the symptoms aren 't so severe that they have a major impact in the life of the sufferer, although the depression can still cause distress and disruption. Many people who are suffering from mild depression never seek treatment - they don 't believe the symptoms are severe enough.

Dysthymic Disorder is a long-term form of mild depression (lasting two or more years). Like mild depression, most sufferers never seek help as they don 't believe their symptoms are severe enough. Also like mild depression, the symptoms of dysthymic depression don 't usually have a huge impact on the sufferers day-to-day life. But when the long-term results from the depression are considered, the impact can be huge. People who suffer from dysthymic depression often can 't remember a time when they weren 't depressed.

Moderate Depression fits somewhere between mild depression and major depression. The symptoms of moderate depression are more severe and numerous than mild depression, and they begin to have an impact on the work,…

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