Symptoms And Symptoms Of Depression Essays

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Thesis: The hippocampus experiences variety of alterations, including, a decreased volume in relation to depression, faltering of neurotransmitters, and a change in its vascularization. The hippocampus’ functions are changed when a patient is afflicted with major depressive disorder.
Definition of Depression, significance, and how it affects human behavior: Depression is a debilitating mental disease that torments individuals daily, toying with their emotions and pain. Depression is unimaginable sadness, sometimes described as “living in a black hole”; leading to a loss of interest in activities, changes in appetite, trouble sleeping, feelings of worthlessness, and a foggy mind. Depression quite often edges to the thoughts of death and suicide. A depressed person will tend to spend more time in bed, and have a more difficult time focusing on the task at hand, which ultimately affects their quality of work and ends up affecting their relationships with their family. “Depression is the leading cause of disability worldwide, and is a major contributor to the overall global burden of disease.” (World Health Organization) Approximately three hundred and fifty million people of all races, sexes and ages suffer from this disease.


Symptoms of Depression:

Recognizing the symptoms of depression is not always simple, but if aware of the signs, depression can be identified more easily. Often, but not always, a person riddled with depression will have sudden weight changes,…

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