Symptoms And Symptoms Of Depression Essay

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First, Depression is considered as an inflammatory disease which incorporates as a serious condition in the body or outside of the body by Biological and Environmental Depression. Within the body itself, a person can experience physical changes to the brain. For example, stomach cramps, chronic liver disease and bloating are physical causes of Hormone Depression. And Neurotransmitter typically causes disorientation in the brain by acidity reflex that are transpired in the brain’s nerve system, which develops into various mood disorders. Although, Depression is more than just feeling sad or going through a rough patch. Such as: I feel lonely, sad, and don’t have the energy to get things done. I’m tired all the time. I’m trying to force myself to be interested in daily activities, but I’m just not anymore. I feel hopeless and lonely. There are several different types of Depression that people may not understand, but showing signs of avoiding love one’s they are close with, and lack of motivation isn’t normal at all. The symptoms behind the disease is also very vital that can diminish for a while, but then can reappear as a repetitive cycle; which can be difficult to cure if the patient isn’t receiving the right medical treatment for their illness. Examples of these awful symptoms are included as feelings as though other people are out to harm them, feeling as though one has special powers to do things that other people cannot do, feeling overwhelmed with guilt, or…

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