Black Cat Unlucky

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Every child might like to have a pet to grow up with them, not just spending the time together but also enjoying the bedtime together, watching the television together……etc. But have you ever think about to have a black cat to be your family member?
In many countries, the black cat seems to an “unluckiness” significant. Especially to the places which still remain the old traditional costumes.
For an example, in Taiwan, when the elderly people see a black cat, they will try to get away from it or even scared the cat away. And the other rumor also says that, if you see a black cat on “Black Friday” you are going to have something bad happen. But, are these rumors true? Or just the wrong concepts?
In the shelter, the black cats are always more
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However caused the numbers of rats increased, this is also one of the reasons that the Black Death quickly overspreading in all over Europe.
In the fairy story, the witch always has a pet which is a black cat, but why? No one cares the reason back of the story, and letting the story circulates around the world in the different versions. After lasted for a long time, now all the people think that black cat is as mean as the cold-blooded witch.
Actually, when you try to think it carefully, the answer is interesting. If the witch has a white cat, how come she stealth herself in the forest? The white hair of the white cat will stick on her gown and expose her appearance.
Japan has a very famous animation producer, his name is Miyazaki Hayao who has been producing a bunch of popular animated movie. One of his works is called “Kiki’s Delivery Service”, the main character Kiki is a thirteen-year-old witch, who leaves the home for a year, and during this time, she needs to be independent and earning experience from the life by herself, then after a year she could get the certification to be a real witch.
She did not bring any luggage with her, all she owes are her broom and her black cat,

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