Symbolism In Tuck Everlasting

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Recently, I read the book Tuck Everlasting, written by Natalie Babbitt. While reading, I noticed how imagery, motifs, and metaphors play a great role in her writing style. I found an enormous amount of symbolism represented in metaphors and motifs in the book. Because from my perspective, the theme in Tuck Everlasting is how everything has a conclusion, being appreciative will improve your life, I found that the music box symbolized more than just a box that played mysterious music. While using a music box, in order for the music to play you have to turn the ratchet lever. When you stop turning the ratchet lever, the music stops. This is similar to life. With life, if you don’t keep turning the ratchet lever, or if you don’t keep going on …show more content…
This chair could have just been part of the story for the purpose of action; Winnie always sat in it. However, I believe Natalie Babbitt's purpose of including this, was to symbolize something of much greater importance. A rocking chair is very comforting. It is something that Winnie, after arriving home subsequent to meeting the Tuck’s could relax in. Therefore, this chair was a symbol of comfort. Before Winnie decided to run away, she was unfortunately ‘locked up’ in the cottage, and had boundaries of just outside of the cottage. The fence outside was the true boundary. In Mae’s case, after being locked up after killing the man in the yellow suit, she was locked behind bars, prison. While Mae tuck was literally locked up behind bars, and all that was stopping Winnie was the fence, Winnie was more of a true prisoner. She strived for independence. This was something she needed, and would most likely never have been given. Fences and bars clearly are a symbol of how important independence can be! If Natalie Babbitt hadn’t chosen to put this many metaphors and motifs in the book, the whole story would have changed. Because of the motifs and metaphors, it is much easier to figure out the theme, and have a true grasp on the

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