Symbolism And Brand Awareness

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2.1.9 Brand awareness
Brand awareness is defined as the ability of consumers to recognize and recall a brand in different situations. Brand recall in details means the consumers ability to recall the brand when they see a product category whereas brand recognition shows the capability of consumers in identifying a brand when there is a brand cue. (Chi et. Al, 2009)

Today, In order to sustain in the competitive environment, company is required to offer a high quality service and publicized their brand image associates with social context. According to Angelova et al, (2011) perceived quality through corporate image plays a crucial role in the success of a brand. Once the company has created brand awareness to consumers who purchase a product
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The design of symbol is defined as a shape and it seen as a closed silhouette. It is also can be formed by clear or implied lines. On the other hand, symbols can be created through value, shading, gradations, texture or hue. Arbitrarily, symbol is a shape of two-dimensional areas with a recognizable boundary. However, the definition of symbols is varied through time and researchers tend to develop more obstructive studies in analyzing the meaning behind the symbols and shapes. Despite the fact, shapes can be symbolized as an organic or inorganic, and symbols is considered free forms of geometric or ordered (Bradley, …show more content…
In extended studies, logo’s symbols can be divided into two categories which are abstract and figurative. Abstract symbols are referred to geometric forms, such as a round, square, rectangle, triangle, oval, hexagon, or parallelogram. Meanwhile, figurative symbols describe directly or indirectly about the product or activity. (Van Pham, 2014) For example, PETRONAS has practicing a figurative symbols of oil drop to represent his core business and triangle shape as symbol of word “P” to convey the name of company, PETRONAS.
However, other researchers identified differently the concepts of logo symbols. They separate the concept of abstract shapes and geometric shapes, along with organic shapes in logos. The organic shapes are more typically represent the shapes that found in nature such as a leave, rocks, or cloud whilst abstract shapes are formalized or simplified styles of organic shapes, which means they are recognizable forms but do not exist in nature

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