Swot Analysis: SWOT Analysis Of An Online Technology

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All youth of today are tech savvy. They like to carry smart phones and tablets but avoid carrying bags with books or papers. To solve the problem of youth so that they can gain knowledge and move ahead in life, universities, authors and publishers provide them with a new emerging technology concept of e-books.
Digital text is not a new concept. It was first introduced by Michael Hart in 1971. He started a project named Gutenberg with the goal of creating a widely available library of all kinds of books available in simple text form. In the mid of 19th century with the boom in internet usage and introduction of new formats and devices for reading text, there is also a buzz in publishing e-books. But the
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• Consortium packages may allow you to build a big library in low cost as bulk order saves your money and time.
• Digital format provide a platform to publishers and academic libraries to work together to create and distribute the quality content.
• E-content can be directly integrated with the websites and portals of the universities which lead to more accessibility.
• Many academic users still confined to traditional method of printing and gave preference to it.
• People are not aware of the digital media.
• Business model of digital media is not widely spread just like print media.
According to the SWOT analysis, this is an existing technology but not fully and properly. This technology exists but not to each individual. Society is still afraid of using this technology because of many reasons like business model is not so good, publishers are afraid because of copyright laws and publishing cost. We can implement this technology fully but we have to make a proper business model and emphasize the publishers and users about the security and copyrights which was developed to secure their

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