Swot Analysis Of Red Bull

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. What segmentation base has Red Bull adopted to target customers? How should Red Bull further segment the market in the future?
The segmentation bases strategy that Red Bull has adopted is relating to the market demographics. The brand positioning of Red bull is that to play on danger, culture of young, energy and an elaborate mystery. Particularly the company’s target is lock on the young and dynamic people whose age is from 16 to 29 years old and the young people who needed energy all day long based upon their extroverted lifestyles. Red Bull also adopted market geography strategy, to find who needed an energy booster among the college students and the office workers in the cities during their busy schedules and events and also the
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How dose Red bull arouses the motivations of consumers to purchase its energy drinks? Red Bull is sold as an energy drink in the energy and sports drinks market and now launched varieties products of it; it’s included Sugar free, Energy Shots, Cola and Energy Drink. The function of Red bull is making your brain more focused, increase reaction speed and energy levels, more efficient and better at remembering things and improves the mood. In my opinion, I think the taste of red bull is quite nice, this is one of the reason that keep this product success for such a long time. Moreover, now Red Bull is available in more than 167 countries worldwide, therefore the consumers are easy to buy a can of this drinking. In addition, its advertising effect helps in spreading rapidly in the market, as far as I remember; it's the first energy drink in my hometown. And Red bull really knows how to attract people; they also use the social media channels and even have pages for music, adventure and bikes. And Red Bull Company sometimes sponsors their energy drink to some school, such as NUS, in order to help school student to through their hard time during the exam period. And this make some students knew Red bull is very useful during the crunch time. Base on “alpha bee” approach, if the consumers like this product, they will tell their friends and families about this product. The authority of one alpha bee can influence the buying habits of hundreds”. Through these tactics, Red Bull …show more content…
Why do you think the concept of brand personality is so important to Red Bull? What is brand personality? It’s been defined as that what a company is and how it positioned themselves to their consumers. The brand personality is something that the consumer can relate, and if the company has a consistent set of traits, there will have an increase in its brand equity. Brand personality makes people think of a brand if it were a person. Just like a person, the brand also has the certain characteristics that define its personality. If we say that the Red bull was a person, it must be a male. In my opinion, Red bulls try to define their personality as the masculine, athlete and hero, and they do a great job. The red bull encourages consumers that before they do the exercise and if they want to attract the girls that beside them, they should drink their products. This can make them look more macho. There are five main types of brand personalities: excitement, sincerity, ruggedness, competence and sophistication. And customers are tending to buy a product from a brand if its personality is the same with their own self-concept. For red bull, the brand personality is unique and non-preemptible. If the competitors have the same product and make it the same price with yours, they still cannot ‘steal’ your brand personality. The brand personality definitely important for the red bull, it’s not only can attract more customers, but only

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