Swot Analysis Of An Emerging Technology Essay

760 Words Feb 18th, 2016 4 Pages
All youth of today are tech savvy. They like to carry smart phones and tablets but avoid carrying bags with books or papers. To solve the problem of youth so that they can gain knowledge and move ahead in life, universities, authors and publishers provide them with a new emerging technology concept of e-books.
Digital text is not a new concept. It was first introduced by Michael Hart in 1971. He started a project named Gutenberg with the goal of creating a widely available library of all kinds of books available in simple text form. In the mid of 19th century with the boom in internet usage and introduction of new formats and devices for reading text, there is also a buzz in publishing e-books. But the disappointing sale and failure of experiments lead this emerging technology to stop.
E-book vendors continue to taut the supremacy of e-books over print text emphasizing the search, portability and the instant access but most of the people prefer to use print text instead of digital text. One major issues which the vendors are facing that they were unable to satisfy the publishers as text was available with anyone without any copyright and security. Anyone can download and print the text.
But now the world has changed and everyone prefers to purchase and download e-books as these books will remain with them always and they can access it from anywhere anytime. In past decade software companies and vendors found many ways to restrict…

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