Essay about Swot Analysis : Marketing And Promotion

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SWOT analysis’ are conducted by business, event, and marketing managers to strategically plan out future events. As an event manager, the only way we can really know how an event turned out would be to do a SWOT analysis on it. As a marketing and promotion manager, SWOT analysis’ are crucial and therefore need to be specific because event managers can go above and beyond with the planning of the event, but the promoting will actually draw people into actually signing up for it. The SWOT analysis will determine the Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, and Threats that an event, project, or situation has had. In our case, the SWOT analysis will better help us prepare for upcoming events held by the Association of Sport Business and Entrepreneurship at Lindenwood University Belleville.
As an event manager, the strengths of the event were that the event management and sport marketing and promotion curriculum followed with what we needed to do in order to run and promote our event. The next strength was that there was a lot of passionate college students that wanted to get more involved with the city of Belleville. There was a lot of access to volunteers as well. Another strength was that it showed the students that the association is interested in having more campus wide activities. We also had a better turnout then we had originally thought we were going to have and when we able to get sponsors that wanted to help us out even though they weren’t sure what they were going to…

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