Swot Analysis : Apple Inc Essay example

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A strategic plan is devolved through the process of environmental scanning, or a system of monitoring and evaluating information from internal and external environments to an organization. The easiest way to conduct an environmental scan of an organization is through a process called a SWOT analysis; an analysis of a company’s internal strengths and weaknesses, and external opportunities and threats in the marketplace (Wheelan, Hunger, Hoffman and Bamford, 2015). Apple, Inc. has been a dominant force in the hardware and software market for many years after the release of the first iPhone in the mid 2000’s.
Apple offers many strength’s in the technology marketplace. The current SWOT analysis by the firm Marketline (2015) indicates Apple maintains a competitive advantage by having vertical integration, or a process of controlling most of the production of their product, and horizontal integration or the ability to take over a competitor. The vertical and horizontal integration of Apple can be demonstrated by their ability to connect multiple devices together, such as an iPad with an iPhone, and more recently the Apple watch, thus making switching to a different operating system burdensome to the user (Marketline, 2015). This dependence on the iOS operating system proprietary to Apple makes them less permeable to competition. The Apple iOS is platform designed for more of a personal use, rather than a business use that the Windows system caters to. Apple has…

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