Sweet Mahal Case Study

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HAR 3084: Hotel and Resort Finance and Revenue Management (F2017)

Assignment 1

Individual Assignment

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Aakriti Aneja (C0689962)
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Submission Date: October 14, 2017

INTRODUCTION: Sweet Mahal serves an authentic Indian cuisine and they also provide catering services in parties and special events. It is famous in traditional homemade curries in greater Toronto area. They are well known for delicious dishes and better hospitality and focus on serving high quality cuisine with warmth and inviting atmosphere. (Sweet Mahal, n.d.)
Q1. Does the menu offer a varied range of entrée choices? Discuss the advantages and disadvantages for a restaurant to have a wide range of entrée choices. Yes, the menu is offering an inclusive range of veg and non-veg entrée choices for customers with different eating preferences.
Advantages Disadvantages
• They have a wide range of food items to fulfill the taste and preferences of their customer. • Customers get confused with what to order or not from the wide range listed in the menu.
• They can make good profit from food which they offer with affordable price. • With wide range of items available in appetizers customers do not get the chance to order main course because of already satisfied stomach
Q2.Discuss whether the menu is well designed. Explain why or why not.
Ans. I think menu of Sweet Mahal is very well designed because of

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