Essay about Swanson 's Theory Of Caring

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Swanson’s theory of caring proposes that caring is a critical component that occurs in every nurse–client relationship, and involves application of five fundamental caring processes: knowing, being with, doing for, enabling, and maintaining belief (Swanson, 1991). The concept of knowing refers to endeavoring to comprehend the meaning of an event in the life of the other person, without making assumptions, and concentrating on the person cared for. Being with means to be there with the person, to share feelings and emotions, and to reaffirm the patient that you will be there for them without judgments of any type. Doing for is purely doing for and in others as you wish to have done to you. The concept of maintaining belief refers to maintain hope and faith about the capacity of the patient to get through their life’s events in a meaningful way. Lastly, the concept of enabling refers to informing, educating, and offering different alternatives that will facilitate the patient’s passage through different life transitions (Swanson, 1991). Swanson believed that nursing care ought to be nurturing and needed to be provided through the application of above described interrelated concepts. Swanson also hypothesized that unrelatedly of nursing experience, caring is affected by the nurse’s approach (maintaining belief), discernment of client’s experience (knowing), connections with the client (being with), enabling (believing in the client’s capability to live through challenging…

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