Surveillance CCTV cameras and privacy of people Essay

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Surveillance CCTV cameras and privacy of people

Is Being watched constantly too high a price for safety?

Name: Mohammad Al-zahrani

The purpose of this report is to present the different points of view regarding the extremely wide use of surveillance cameras, as well as to explain the civil rights issues that are involved. The report will discuss the use of CCTV cameras in Australia. In addition, the report will cover the reliance of countries on surveillance systems for security and to prevent crime, people’s right to privacy and statistics: offenses detected by surveillance cameras. This report concludes that Cooperation between government and citizens to maintain security. This report recommends that Provide
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It can be argued that over-dependence on the monitoring devices in achieving security could make police negligent in the proper performance of their duties.

3.0 Statistics: offenses detected by surveillance cameras.
Control of security is one of the most important issues for countries. No country has ever achieved complete security. But some countries have succeeded in reducing the crime rate dramatically and significantly. Surveillance systems and continuous monitoring have helped some countries to achieve this. However, this is not true in yhe UK. For example, Owen Bowcott points out that “Only 3% of street robberies in London were solved using CCTV images, despite the fact that Britain has more security cameras than any other country in Europe.” (Bowcott, 2008)[3]. This indicates that surveillance systems did not help to prevent crimes and it was not an effective solution to obtaining evidence against criminals. Furthermore, Julian Burnside said “But in Britain, figures released last year showed that just one crime per year was solved for every 1000 CCTV cameras in use.” (Burnside, 2010). However, the opposite happened in Ipswich, Australia. The local Mayor Paul Pisasale, says “We've created a safer community from officially the highest crime rate in the country at one stage, now one of the lowest.” (MacDonald, 2011). Has been a radical change in Ipswich in the crime rate there because of

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