Body Worn Cameras

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The use of cameras or recording devices in policing is not a new concept, but with the use a new variation of the technology and a new application for it requires new policies and procedures to ensure the best outcome of the use of body-worn cameras. Many of the large police services across North America have begun their own pilot program to determine the effectiveness of the body-worn cameras and how they are best used. Also, there is the factor of cost associated with funding these projects. New technology is not inexpensive and pilot programs are only a small scale leading to the possibility to equip all officers with body-worn cameras. Additionally, the idea of recording police interaction is also not a new phenomenon. Public citizens are …show more content…
A set of policies and procedures will help to limit the potential for any abuse or misuse of body-worn cameras, setting a strict guideline for their use. Some states in the USA already have law makers forcing the use of policies, “The Florida Senate passed legislation (HB 93) Monday that requires police to develop standards for the use of body cameras and how the audio and video files will be stored.” (March 7, 2016) By having legislature set in place, it emphasizes that body-worn cameras can be useful and helpful when used properly. Furthermore, in Canada, where body-worn cameras are being used and contemplated, “[f]ederal, provincial and territorial privacy and personal information protection Ombudspersons and Commissioners issue guidance on law enforcement and the use of body-worn cameras.” (Office of the Privacy Commissioner of Canada, 2015) With the push to have set standards in place by the governments, it shows the importance and potential that is invested in this new form of technology. Body-worn cameras in policing are important because police need to use all the tools available to protect themselves and others, giving more options for less than lethal force while serving their duties. There are many important considerations to contemplate before fully implementing body-worn cameras to all members of a police service. The policies and procedures used in accordance with any legislature will help to implement safeguards for recorded

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