Supervisors: Human Resource Management and Performance Appraisals

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Seminar Four Supplemental Case: Unequal-Equal Supervisors
Tyler Wilson
Baker College

Introduction Performance appraisals benefit the company in a variety of ways. On the flip side, they can also create difficulties if they aren’t completed correctly. Many problems within the company can arise when supervisors haven’t been properly trained on appraisals. On a bigger note, companies can also be placed in legal trouble if appraisals are done incorrectly. To avoid these issues, the Human Resource Department needs implement training to the supervisors who conduct performance appraisals.
Employee Development Using performance appraisals for developmental purposes is one of the
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Now that it is time to make demotions, the appraisals need to help with decisions. These appraisals are not accurate due to Hubert lack of correctly evaluating both supervisors (Mathis & Jackson, 2011, Case: Supervisors). Since there is no documented differences between the two supervisors, the appraisals are useless for administration use. “An appraiser should be required to provide justifications for the ratings in addition to appropriate documentation and information” (Smith, 2012). The company is going to have to let the better performing supervisor go in order to avoid legal issues. This could create some negative impacts for the company because the appraisal process wasn’t being implemented correctly.
Legal Issues
Disparate Impact or Treatment Discrimination can either be intentional or unintentional; either way it is illegal. Performance appraisal need to show an absences of disparate impact and treatment (Mathis & Jackson, 2011). Using the scenario from the case, Harriet could file a lawsuit for discrimination is she were to get demoted or laid off during the reduction in force. Since there is no documented differences in their performance, Neil should be let go due to the seniority Harriet has over him. There could be grounds for a lawsuit if Hubert

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