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Superstars and marriage
Din kommentar til “Where is that voice coming from?”: Your analytical essay is much better than your previous one. Your language is fluent and varied, but how much do you know of analysing a fictive text? You have NOT underlines the topic sentences. Do that next time. 10
Last time I forgot to underline the topic sentences, so I will do that this time. Moreover, even though this is not a fictive text, I will try to do a proper analysis. I will also make proper references to the quotes I will be using, since I did not do that in the previous assignment. I will in this assignment look for the most interesting arguments, Gethin Chamberlain’s way to present the conflict, and the different views on the marriage.
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Then he goes on to inform the reader shortly about the partition and the feud, he does not over-inform the reader, but gives an appropriate amount of information, therefore not making the article uninteresting. Chamberlain also looks into the different reactions from both countries, and he does not seem favour any one of them directly, there are not any specific places where he exclaims his own opinion or choses sides, which makes the article more neutral and more informing. The examples of this can be seen all throughout the article, he discussed many different actions done by both parties.
The article, and generally the conflict, contains a lot of different views and perspectives on the marriage, depending on the country and people. The view on the couple, is according to Gethin Chamberlain varied, the Indians look to be much more negative about the marriage than the Pakistanis are. Many of Pakistan’s big political and social figures, such as Nawas Sharik the former president of Pakistan, Ijaz Butt head of the Pakistan Cricket Board and the current Miss Pakistan Ayesha Gilani, are speaking with enthusiasm for the new couple and praising them for “making an example” of love between the two boarders. “At least people can look up to them as a beacon of hope and peace for Pak-Indian relations” and “I am Sure it will have far-reaching effects and help improve relations between the two countries”, these two quotes illustrates the positive elements that can be brought

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