Sunset Circle Speech

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1513 Sunset Circle is an address that I will be remembering for a while. It is not that I want to remember it, but trying to forget something that played a role in breaking your heart is a hard thing to do. But, today I get to take a part of what makes him so happy; and by him I mean my rotten, good-for-nothing, lying ex boyfriend. What I am about to do should not something I or anyone else braggs about. In fact, I am pretty ashamed that I considered it in the first place. However, once it has been completed I doubt I will feel any remorse or guilt for that matter. I like to consider myself a good person. One that is nice to everyone she meets, and one that has good morals and values. Well, you let me know how that plays out when you’re …show more content…
I pull into the driveway and see no cars or lights on inside. The front door is always locked, but the back door is left open. I guess Keith thinks that no one is smart enough to walk around to the back. Once inside I try not to remember about all the good times and laughs that were shared here. No I think about how every night when he kissed me goodbye, he was just saying hello to his other girlfriend. Keith’s room was always a mess. So there was no surprise when I fell over a 2-week old pile of clothes in the middle of the floor. I had considered what I would do to get even for about 48 hours. Murder was too messy, and kidnapping would take too many resources. There was one thing I could do that would hurt both Keith and his “other woman”, that being the polite term, without them ever finding out it was me. Perfume, a new pair of panties, and a toothbrush were the weapons of choice. I was finishing setting the stage of betrayal when I heard the roaring engine of a truck outside the window. Something wasn’t right, I still had thirty minutes to get out in time. That’s when I saw her. She was blonde, of course she was, and getting out of the passengers side. There was no doubt in my mind where they were

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