Essay on Summer Days & Summer Nights : Twelve Love Stories

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Summer Days & Summer Nights: Twelve Love Stories

Summer Days & Summer Nights is the first anthology I’ve ever read. I didn’t know what to expect, all I know is I’m not a short-story person. Fortunately, it turned out better than what I anticipated it to be. For me, it’s split into three categories. There are four stories that struck me, and gripped me, followed by four stories that are ordinary, but doable, while the remaining four stories doesn’t belong to this collection.

1. Head, Scales, Tongue, Tale by Leigh Bardugo – 3 stars
This have the same story telling as The Summer of Chasing Mermaids, except I like the former much better. It’s a combination of contemporary mythology in a small town country.

2. The End of Love by Nina Lacour – 4 stars
This is where the pace of the anthology picks up. It tackles family drama, making friends, and a cute f/f pairing. I felt like I was reading a Hayley Kiyoko book.

3. Last Night at the Cinegore by Libba Bray – 2 stars
After reading Bardugo’s story, I finally grasp this is not a realistic-contemporary anthology. However, it’s a mixture of the former, and modern paranormal. I read some of Bray’s books, and I like how she craft her plot, but I find myself sordidly disappointed with this. It’s an odd story trying to pass as Night Film by Marisha Pessl.

4. Sick Pleasures: For A and U by Francesca Lia Block – 1 star
What derail me from liking this story is how the narrator call herself and her friends in first initial basis. J, M,…

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