Summary: The Secret Life Of Bees

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The Secret Life of Bees was written by an American author Sue Monk Kidd.
The the book was first published in 2002.
The book first takes place on a peach farm in Sylvan, South Carolina during 1964. Then Lily and Rosaleen flee to Tiburon, South Carolina. Since the story takes place in the South during the 1960’s, racism is very strong. Racism leads Lily to get Rosaleen out of jail and flee to the town of Tiburon where they eventually meet the Boatwright family.
Lily lives with her abusive father and caretaker, Rosaleen, on a Peach farm in Sylvan, South Carolina. Rosaleen ends up being arrested for standing up for herself and Lily gets her out. From there, they both run away to Tiburon where they end up meeting the Boatwright family. Lily hopes to find answers to why her mother left her when she was younger. She soon finds out that her mother left her, but for reasons that Lily had denied could have been the reason. Throughout the
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She was a twin sister to April, who killed herself. She ends up killing herself as well when Zac is put in jail.

Beehives are a symbol for a household, and how they work together to keep the “beehive” functioning. The beehive is dependant on the bees. The author uses this to show how the Boatwrights, Lily, and Rosaleen depend on each other in order to keep functioning.
The bees represents every member living in the house, and how they each play a part. Evey bee depends on all of the others to do their work. Sue uses bees to show the strong relationships between everyone.
The Waiting Wall represents the sadness in the world that people try to cope with. May uses the wall in order to help her when she is going through a tough time.
The author uses an extended metaphor with the bees and beehive. The bees in the beehive represents the citizens in the town and the life that goes on in the town. The beehive represents the community that the “bees” make

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