Summary : ' The ' S Hunting Rifle Behind On The Porch ' Essay

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ext. minor home - dayMARCUUS MINOR, 18, sits on the front steps of his childhood home covered in dust, sweat, and blood.3 distant 1930s CHEVROLET MODEL D POLICE CARS race towards the house.Absentmindedly, Marcus fiddles with a rifle sitting across his lap.Marcus ' hazel-green eyes stare ahead in an unfocused glaze.Marcus ' right eye, world weary and tired, betrays the young man 's youthful appearance and smaller frame.Marcus ' left eye, blackened and swelling, betrays the right.The police cars screech into the last turn, BLARING their SIRENS and creating BILLOWING CLOUDS OF DUST.Marcus calmly sets his DADDY 'S HUNTING RIFLE behind him on the to a DEAD BODY in a slowly expanding pool of blood.The police cars skid to a stop throwing even more DUST into the air.Marcus closes his eyes as car doors SLAM and weapons CLICK. He breathes in deeply, preparing court room - two years prior - dayBANG! a gavel slams down on a judges bench.JUDGE WINTERS(O.S)NOT GUILTY!A stunned Marcus Minor sits in the defendant 's chair, but something is off...He 's younger. Fresher faced.ATTORNEY COLLINS, 37, bald and somewhat sweaty, leans over and comforts Marcus.ATTORNEY COLLINSIt 's going to be okay, Marcus.Marcus is not the defendant as it first appears but actually plaintiff, sitting behind a flimsy paper covered desk. The small and dingy courtroom is filled with rows of suited men in pews murmuring to one another. Green curtains block sunlight from entering the room.…

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