Summary: The Benefits Of Hunting

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Did you know that over 200 billion dollars of revenue is made each year at hunting retailers in the U.S?(According to R.M.E.F) Opinions on hunting can be very diverse, but in reality the good outweighs the bad.There are over 14,000,000 people who strongly believe hunting is right. Our Ancestors have been hunting over 15 million years! Hunting is one of the oldest traditions that we still practice today, and it's important that we pass it to the next generation.There are hundreds of humans that die each year because of predators, with hunters limiting the predator population there would be a lot more tragedies . Hunting does not only save lives, but also saves Americans on taxes by contributing over 2.4 billion dollars each year. Over 15 thousand people accidentally shoot themselves each year, people who are more familiar with guns (hunters) are less likely to.
Hunting teaches many people responsibilities, such as respect for
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Poachers are big problem in our world today, there the reason many animals are going into endangerment, not hunters. Poachers set a bad image for hunters who respect wildlife and nature. Many hunters are the ones who catch the poachers and turn them in. Hunters are strictly limited to hunting animals that either have no chance of endangerment, or are over populated.( Overpopulation can be a very large problem, if it is not handled correctly … If there are too many animals there will not be enough food or space to maintain a healthy environment for the animals. This could result in a massive die off, and many species that were once striving, go extinct. Today, hunters are doing a good job keeping animals at a reasonable population so they do not starve to death, or become endangered. ( Another problem hunters emliminate is overpopulation of deadly animals, like bears, wolfs, and

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