Summary : ' Sunday Night ' Essay

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Murder and Cowardice, shown on the Australian television show “Sunday Night” on Friday March 12 2012, documents the 4 day survival story of 10 workers who were abandoned out at sea during a massive storm and left to die.
Sunday Night produced a sympathetic documentary about 10 innocent oil rig workers who are caught in amongst a massive storm along with the choice of the Captain on the Mermaid Vigilance a passing ship to leave the men to their death. This documentary represents the situation as it says by the title Murderous, Cowardice and heartless.
As soon as the documentary starts, it opens with a re-enactment of the men clinging to the life raft to try and stay afloat. As the documentary continues there is a voice over of the interviewer talking about a law, “An Australian ship accused of breaking a sacred maritime code to never abandon a man in peril on the ocean.” Quoting this law during the video leaves the audience to believe that it was an act of murder. It isn’t right for someone to leave 10 young men that have their whole lives ahead of them to die.
Interviews with the wife of Aaron who was one of the men that unfortunately died, points out that he was a very kind and adventurous man. He always helped people when he saw that they were in need. This make the audience feel upset and angry that a kind young man lost his life from someone else’s cold act.
Jeremy Parfait the Captain of the Trinity II tells the interviewer that the life raft that was helping them…

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