Blackfish Documentary Techniques

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Blackfish: Documentary Analysis

Blackfish is an award winning documentary, directed by Gabriela Cowperthwaite, which captures its audiences and takes them on an informative journey that tells a riveting story. This documentary showcases an argument about Orca whales in captivity and the safety of the trainers. The purpose of this documentary is to bring to light if animals, specifically Orca Whales should be held in captivity and if it is a safety issue for the animal trainers. Briefly in the documentary we are shown an injured Orca whale named Tilikum, after another Orca whale ,from a different Pod, has attacked him. Through the arguments of first hand experiences of trainers and workers, as well as addressing the separation of Orca whale pods, and the scientific data about Orca whales the creators of Blackfish strengthen their arguments for wanting the public to be enraged at Sea World. After, a few minutes into the film the audience starts to see the film introduce the former Sea World trainers. Who
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When people started hunting Orca whales they would take the babies. Not only from one place, from places all over the world. For Example, One day a worker is tasked with taking a baby from its mother and is required to put it into isolation. That is just another day at work for John Crowe’s life when working for Sea Land. This is also the day he first met Tilikum, an Orca Whale that is the center of much controversy in today’s world. Tilikum was put with a few other whales from different places and this created a atmosphere of horror for Tilikum from being a baby to adulthood. From when he was first captured until he was put into isolation Tilikum was hurt, physically, by the other whales. This is due the fact the whales are from different places therefore speak different “languages” and have different

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