Essay about Summary Of ' The Night Of The Sky '

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uilding and stared at the sky. We talked and drank hot tea while just looking at the storm clouds rumbling in the distance. Andrew and Dom said they were gonna go to sleep then Jake followed. Griffin and me stayed up for a while in silence. Then Griffin said so when they get here tomorrow I’ll definitely be ready how about you… Stephen is something wrong? I said, No it’s just that we’re leaving everything behind… it… its kind of upsetting knowing we could never see our families again…. Yeah I know our families will be safe, but it’s us that probably won’t make it. Well not all of us, anyways that’s inevitable. After that I got tired and went to sleep while Griffin stayed up to watch.

Chapter Four

The next morning we woke up and Griffin said that nothing really happened that night so they must not be here yet. I’m glad because I would really like to hang out before we start what is basically a war against this infection. So we hung out for a while and drank some soda and eventually realized that we were still able to use walky talkies so we hopped on our bikes and pedaled to the nearest convenience store and grabbed 4 walky talkies and 5 75 packs of batteries when we tried to check out we realized none was even here working the checkout, that we were the only ones there. I honestly don’t know how they haven’t heard about this crap that on its way. So we all walked back to our hideout. On our way back to town we were talking about why the hell none tried to take any…

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