Cuyamaca Descriptive Writing

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You may be wondering, what does the outside area of Cuyamaca look like? Well it's almost a taste of everything. You will cast your eyes upon a vast area of hills and mountains the size of a skyscraper. In other places you will find remarkable wet lands that are packed with eye-catching plants that will throw you off your feet. In addition to that, you may catch a glimpse of the the green yet wavy grass fields. Lastly, you have the noteworthy forests which are loaded with beautiful trees that will make you want to come back to lay eyes on every day.With Cuyamaca being packed with tons of different biomes, it gives you a new learning experience every day.

RAP Rock climbing is just one of the superb activities you can conquer at camp. You start off on the ground and you have to eventually work your way up the rock. The rock is about 20 feet tall, and is at a slight slant which makes it easier and more efficient to climb. The rock features a crevice down the middle which is one of the easier starting points. Although, if you are equipped for a tougher challenge, you can swiftly climb up the rock from the normal starting point. The climber always is strapped in to ensure safety. Are you ready to conquer this challenge? Another activity you can accomplish in R.A.P is archery. In archery you are given a bow and are given the objective to hit a target from a distance. The bow appears in a multi colored design in
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You can lay down and observe the sparkling stars wander above the darkened sky. Or even see shooting stars dance through the night like 4th of July sparklers. When scanning the darkness you can easily be put into trance when your eyes catch on to the lightened Milky Way Galaxy. The night sky has too many aspects to be explored about the beautiful sky. Things you never thought you could see. In order to experience this, you will need to find that special place during the night

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