Summary Of ' The Night I ' Essay

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On the night I turned forty-four, I realized Polaris was not sprawled upon my blanket like usual.
Castor was missing too. The chaos of sheets on his side was a signal for another one of his work days.
“Castor, I’m up," I called. "I’ll cook, so for Heaven 's sake, don’t scream.”
The late night infomercial buzzed from the other room. Because of the mutable fabric, Strawberry Jam can be worn as a coat during winter and a cape during any other season! Madame Strawberry meant it was still one o’ clock.
Counting to fourteen, I dragged myself out of bed. The February floor was ice against my feet. “Thanks for waiting, Cas. Eggs or oatmeal.”
He was there in front of the television. Not Castor, but Polaris. Standing on his hind legs.
“Oh, morning Polaris.”
“Good morning, Beta.”
There were too many things in this world that frightened me. When I was four years old, I watched a movie named The Seventh Seal and from that moment I vowed to the Great Heavenly Father that I would never touch anything like it again. Books were better because I could pace myself, but I tried to avoid those as well. Not that I had to try anymore. My life at that point was condensed into three elements: the fridge, the bed, and Polaris.
Good morning, Beta.
Strangely, I felt as if my soul had split from my body. I watched the scene that morning from the chandelier above the living room. I should be scared, is what I thought. It was the first time that I was consciously aware of a frightening situation.

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