Pegasus Expedition Analysis

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Final Recordings of the Pegasus Expedition
”Foreign object spotted 56 N, 167,56 W.”
“What’s the depth reading, B?”
“A dip in the natural 2,000 meter mark— about 230 meters deeper.”
“Jones? The visual?”
“Nothin’ like I’ve seen before, and I doubt it’s natural. Sleek, white, and some dim lights glowing in a pattern along the side and rim.”
“Got that Bigelsteine?”
“Awesome. B, what’s the heat scan read?”
“No signs of life on the radar. However, the foreign vessel is recorded as over 80 degrees Celsius.”
“Excuse me?”
“Confirmed temperature approximately 82.32 degrees Celsius. No other nearby native biological lifeforms detected.”
“Ivanov, I’m not liking the sound of this. If the fish are up and gone, we should be too. Hand it over to the
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I’m presently analyzing it, but if you desire inaccurate results, I could tell you right now.” “Fine. Jones, what do the cameras show?” “...” “Jones?” “Nothing out of the ordinary. If you lived in a space station, that is.” “Excuse me?” “Everything’s pristine and expertly built, but the infrastructure hardly looks anythin’ like what humans are able to craft with modern technology, more or less modeled practically for us.” “The molecular structure and composition of polypeptides in the substance in the water suggest it is in fact a sort of enzyme of sorts, but it does not seem to match any others recorded in my database. Even if it was an enzyme, I see no reason for it to be here. It supports nothing. Oh?
Audio message transmitting. Sending to Ivanov and Bigelsteine. Playing in 3… 2… 1…” “k-k-k-K-CKICK-CKICK-vvvrrrrrRRRR” “What the- SHIT! Something’s on camera one!” “What? What do you see?!” “No no no- it's ON CAMERA-” “Jones?! Jones, come in? Come in!” //visual footage OFFLINE// “JONES! B! COME IN PEGASUS?!” “crrrrrr-AK! KRAGK! RRR-” //Pegasus has stopped

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