Summary Of ' The ' Bella ' Essay

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Bella: a young woman, college student, believer of God, who is getting ready to catch the 99 to work
Unknown woman: Middle age hefty woman who is concerned about the homeless population and touching a homeless man bag. She is also waiting to catch the bus 99.
Are Homeless becoming an Issue in Miami?
Narrator: One cloudy afternoon Bella walks to catch the bus for work. Upon arriving at the bus stop, she notices that the bench is occupied with multiple unaccompanied bags and to the left on the edge of the bench is an older ,middle age ,hefty woman, who held on to her bags tightly out of fear of not letting them touch the other bags. Not knowing where she can sit, Bella decides to sit on the arm rest of the bench.
Bella: Hi, excuse me, but are these your bags?
Unknown Woman: (In shock and denial she shakes her head) Hell no. (Makes an X with her arms) I don’t know who these bags belong to, but my money is on a homeless man.
Bella: oh ok…have you seen him by any chance?
Unknown Woman: No, I have not. Only God can tell where he has went off to, but you shouldn’t get to close to them honey. God knows what kind of things could be in those bags.
Bella: (with a confused look on her face) things like what?
Unknown Woman: Bed bugs and all types of creepy stuff. You know they are dirty and they don’t shower? (Staring at the bags aligned beside her) I’m guessing he sleeps here (nods her head with approval), but needed to take care of something. God knows what. It’s just…

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