Summary Of Tammie Hawkins And The Benefits Of Proper Event Budgeting

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6. Tammie Hawkins and the Benefits of Proper Event Budgeting
According to Tammie Hawkins, a fun and memorable event is not successful if it strays over the client 's budget. It does not matter how great everything turned out or how many photos were taken. One of the reasons the client hired an event planner was to make sure that the budget was adhered to, which means that her job is about far more than decoration and fun details. Event planners are always tasked with managing the finances of the event or meeting they are organizing. Unfortunately, it can be too easy to go over budget. One of the easiest methods for avoiding this common mistake is to clarify the important priorities at the very first client meeting.
When Hawkins initially sits down with a new client, the first item she addresses is their total budget for the event. If the person or group says they have twelve thousand dollars to spend, that is the number she works with. She never rounds up or estimates that more money may reveal itself down the road. Based on whatever budget she is given, she works with her clients to prioritize the needed items for the event. The most important of these costs is going to be the venue. Based upon her given funding, the venue choices will vary greatly.
After a venue selection is made, Tammie Hawkins says that selecting the catering for the event is the next logical step. Once venue and catering are handled, the remaining funds can be distributed as needed.
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