Influence Of Social Media On Events Marketing

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In today`s cyber controlled world social media plays a major role in every aspect of life including events marketing. Social media is part of the so called Web 2.0 where user generated content appears which consist of text, pictures, videos and networks. Text based social media platform is Twitter which contains mainly micro-blogs, picture sharing site is Flickr and the video based media is YouTube. Networks such as Facebook allows users to find friends, share pictures and videos with each other. Social media became a vital communication tool as people can access them from mobile devices for free.
Not only the younger generation affected by this new way of information flow. Politicians, celebrities, universities, non-profit organisations and
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More than half of the event organisers apply social media in their marketing strategy in order to engage their enthusiastic attendees. The main aim of the social media strategy executed by event planners is to raise extensive awareness of the event before it takes place.
According to his recent study which examined the social media activities of event business 88% of them used social platforms as a tool for create awareness before the event happens, 51% of them said their biggest issue with using social media is how to use it adequately and 58% applies it to encourage attendees to be the part of the timely events (Wheeler, 2016).
Event organisers must understand the best way to tie together the different social media and synchronise them. A strong concept which is visible across all social media sites are much more likely to achieve greater success.
Attendees who were not able to take part in the event want the opportunity to relive the event. Facebook live is the solution which streams the event live and also records it and the customers are able to see it as many times as they
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The events were ranging from music festivals to endurance races where Eventbrite captured applicable hashtags, key words and Facebook posts.
Social media tools revolutionized events marketing and created new approaches. It allows event planners to examine customer reaction before, during and after the event.
Before the event the goal is to create a buzz around the event. Creativity is key to gain people`s attention. A unique way of unveiling act or special guest of the event or a teaser video or image can cause lot of excitement.
A post about pre-orders and registration window is also a good hype generator. People should be encouraged to share photos of their own tickets which is another market where the event could reach out.
During the event the attendees can get encouraged easily for example with a photo booth. This would be a benchmark thing for the event and the picture shared would make sure the event is identifiable from it.
Quotes shared from speakers on conferences are very popular with the proper hashtags.
To interact with the audience a twitter poll is the most appropriate to start with. It can engage the attendees to share their opinion or simply get

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