Summary Of ' Looking At Charlotte ' Essay examples

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Looking at Charlotte, and the study that was ran on her, it was easy to tell how she interacted with the four cueing systems that are in place for students. The first cueing system is the Phonological system, which is the sound system. Charlotte seemed very comfortable with this cueing system and demonstrated it frequently throughout both her writing and reading. In her writing, Charlotte would hear the word, and would try her best to write down the sounds that she heard. For example, when she wrote out the word “Monster” and wrote in its place “Manstr,” she demonstrated that she heard the sounds that make up that specific word and she tried her best to put those sounds on paper. During reading, whenever she got stuck on a word, she would sound it out to herself, trying to blend those sounds together to create the word, and more often than not she was able to get the word correctly pronounced. For the next cueing system, Charlotte also demonstrated is, just not as much as the first cueing system. This cueing system is the Syntactic system, which is the structural system. It essentially means, is that this system helps students with recognizing context clues when they are trying to figure out what a certain words means in a sentence. Charlotte demonstrated this in her running record. During her running record, she came across the sentence, “You’ll have to fix up a little box for him with a blanket and a pillow,” in this sentence, at first Charlotte, had trouble…

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