Summary Of ' Joe Ball, David Berkowitz, Edmund Kemper, Ted Bundy And Dennis Rader

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Joe Ball, David Berkowitz, Edmund Kemper, Ted Bundy and Dennis Rader. What do these names have in common? Joe Ball is a Texan often referred to as “The Alligator Man”, and is suspected of murdering over 20 women in the early 20th century. Berkowitz is the infamous Son of Sam, is infamously known for killing more than eight victims in a single summer. Edmund Kemper, or the Co-Ed Killer started murdering when he turned 15 years old. Dennis Rader murdered ten people in Kansas in a span of 17 years. These men are some of the most prolific serial killers in history. What makes these monsters different from us? What makes a serial killer? This question has plagued psychologists for centuries.
Serial murders have augmented over the past 30 years and are becoming a serious issue in today’s society. Eighty percent of the 400 serial killers of the past century have surfaced since the 1950s. There is no easy answer to why these tragedies occur. Likewise, there is also no certain answer as to why some individuals develop into serial killers. Thus, one of the most essential factors when analyzing a serial murder is the question “why?” Numerous theories have remained as probable clarifications. Nonetheless, “unraveling the making of a serial killer is like aligning a Rubik 's cube.”

Over the last couple of years, scientists and psychologists have given a great amount of attention in studying the minds of serial murderers. The issue of serial killing is increasing at an alarming rate and…

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